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Baby Sign Language


Coaching families to help create earlier infant and toddler communication and development through teaching their baby simple and common American sign language (ASL) signs

Peaceful Arrival
Birth Services


Empowering pregnant women and their partners with the information they need to birth with relaxed confidence through the PACE Course

Thrive With Essentials
Wellness Coaching for families wanting to discover the many benefits and therapeutic uses of essential oils and how to manage wellness with a natural form of healthcare

specializes in helping you to achieve your family's optimal wellness through three avenues:

1) Attend FREE Thrive with Essentials classes

to help you understand everything you need

to know about using essential oils for effective health and emotional benefits and how to use them safely with the whole family.

2) If you're pregnant and wanting to get information that will make a positive difference in your upcoming birth, enroll in the PACE Childbirth Course to help remove fear and replace it with confidence and peace for both you and your partner.

3) Help your baby or toddler thrive, by communicating earlier, enhancing verbal language, reading skills and dexterity by enrolling in the My Smart Hands ~ Baby Sign Language Courses and unlock your baby's potential!

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