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P.A.C.E. yourself with Peaceful Arrival
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Would you like an easier, safer birthing experience?

If labor could be shorter, would you be interested?

Learn why labor can hurt, but why it doesn't have to...

The PACE Course

(Peaceful Arrival Childbirth Education) is an information-packed short course that empowers you and your partner with confidence  about your upcoming experience.  


The Content

Remove the fear around birth and gather all of the most important information on how to have your best birth!  This course includes a wide variety of subjects including the physiology of natural labor, common interventions (risks, benefits and alternatives), birth plans, comfort measures and techniques that truly make a difference, breastfeeding, postpartum advice and so much more!

With my previous experiences as a mother, a student midwife, an apprentice midwife, a Doula and Childbirth and Lactation Educator, 

I teach from a perspective of having a profound trust in the process.  

I have been blessed to be present at 57 births, giving me the experiences and knowledge to help you birth better - whether at home or the hospital. 


The goal of my classes is for you and your partner to feel more confident about the birth process.  I love to help remove the fear around childbirth and to show you why you can trust the process.  My classes teach you what your options really are and how and why to write a good birth plan.  I also help your partner understand how to be an active participant by using effective comfort measures.  I strive to empower you both with knowledge and trust that you can do this and that it can be a wonderful experience.


I'm passionate about teaching principles that I used for my two peaceful arrivals.  You will find that the PACE course is very well-rounded and complete, yet still fits into only 2 classes.



The Details

Course consists of 7 hours ~ divided into 2 convenient, 3.5 hour classes

and includes a very complete notebook of handouts.  $195/couple 

The Locations

**This course is now taught ONLINE via Zoom! Once enrolled through the Biggest Little Baby website, a link will be provided for access to class.**

The PACE Course is taught through:

The Biggest Little Baby (formerly The Nurturing Nest)

(7693 South Virginia Street, Reno, NV)  (775.825.0800)

To see schedule and to enroll, visit the Biggest Little Baby or check the calendar below to access the enrollment link on any class.

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