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Essential oils can help increase energy, control moods, support immune systems, manage pain and remedy everyday ailments ~ naturally.

Discover how essential oils can be safer, faster, more effective and less expensive than conventional healthcare!

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The Plants

Plants have been providing safe and effective health solutions to families through the ages.

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds extracted and distilled from plants for heath benefits.

Oils contain hundreds of different compounds, providing complex and versatile ability to combat threats without building up resistance.

Oils work with the body to address issues and root causes on a cellular level.


The Quality

When using essential oils therapeutically, it is critical that only the highest quality oils are used.  Things to consider:

*Harvest plants only in their natural habitat (they will be the most effective).

*Use only pure essential oils free from fillers, pesticides and foreign contaminants.

*Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade (CPTG), ensures powerful benefits without harmful side-effects.

The Classes

Join in on our Free Continuing Education Series on Essential Oils.  The classes are taught around the Reno/Tahoe area in various locations.

The classes rotating in the series are:

Natural Remedies

EOs for Aches & Pains

EOs for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies

EOs for Healthy, Happy Kids

Ultimate First Aid Kit

EOs for Pet Wellness

Emotional Aromatherapy

Body Balancing with AromaTouch

Aging With Wellness

EOs - Tips, Tricks & Practical Uses

Keychain Workshop - Make & Take

Private classes are always available to be tailored to your individual health needs.  Contact for a free sample!

The Schedule

The calendar for upcoming public classes and events can be seen at:

The Other Services:

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