Who's Sheri?

And what are her passions?

Hi!  I'm Sheri Uhrig.  Let me

give you a glimpse into my world..

I have been married to the same wonderful man for 30+ years and we have 2 of the best sons on the planet! (ok, I'm a little biased)  ;)

I'm so grateful to be surrounded by a loving family and a houseful of fuzzy critters that bring immense joy into my life!

I enjoy traveling and making memories - hiking, kayaking, riding, skiing and lounging on any beach that's calling my name!

These are just some of my passions I'm able to pursue daily:


I'm passionate about making a positive difference in people's health and emotional state with the healing power of plants and their essential oils.  They have truly changed my family's wellness and I love studying the science behind why the oils work and sharing tips and practical uses to improve lives daily. 

I'm passionate about empowering couples with confidence and knowledge to help them have better birth experiences.  Almost 10 years ago, I began teaching Childbirth Education, then became a student Midwife, and apprentice Midwife, a Doula and Lactation Educator.  I love supporting families at this important stage!


I'm also passionate about everything supporting babies!  Giving babies a head start on developing earlier communication skills (reducing frustration) and creating a fun environment for learning baby sign language is so rewarding! 

Let me help you on your path - improving your wellness

~ every age, every stage.